Stump Removal | Stump Grinding Service Tinley Park

Stump removal service stump grinding service stump removal tinley park IL

Stump Removal | Stump Grinding Service Tinley Park

At Tinley Park Tree Service, we are dedicated to bringing you safe and efficient stump removal service for your residential or commercial property. We will complete the job quickly and the job sit will be cleaned up to your satisfaction. We have shared some knowledge about stump grinding for our clients who may be curious about the process. Please continue to read below and call us anytime if you have any stump removal questions.

Stump grinding transforms a tree stump into new mulch, utilizing a machine known as a stump grinder. Stump grinders differ in size, with smaller grinders frequently running on gas and enormous ones running on diesel fuel. Stump grinders or cutters cut into tree stumps by utilizing wheels with carbide cutting tips. The bigger grinders use wheels with as much as 76 carbide cutters to cut into gigantic tree stumps.
Stump grinding gives a few advantages. It is great for keeping an undesirable tree from coming back and stump grinding improves the aesthetics of your property or garden. It additionally opens up space in your yard for arranging porches, and outside furniture that would be difficult or unusable with a stump getting in the way. Alongside opening yard space, stump grinding improves the well-being of your yard. Tree stumps are trip hazards and cause lawnmower difficulties. So if it is desired that you need a yard for youngsters to safely play in, for you to stroll around in without stubbing your toes, and to cut your grass without moving around a stump, it is a huge benefit for you to be grinding down that tree stump.
Stump grinding is risky and dangerous work. Among the danger of flying rocks, dirt, and woodchips when cutting out the stump, the metal cutting tips represent a genuine danger. Since these wheels are effectively amazing at cutting into thick, strong tree stumps, they can cut also into flesh. Important safety rules to follow for stump grinding are to wear protective equipment, eliminate rocks and garbage around the stump before using the removal machine, and avoid the wheel of the grinder at all times even when the stump grinder is off.
Our tree experts at Tinley Park Tree Service will go through the checklist below for a safe and secure stump grinding procedure:
Examine the Area 
To begin, they assess the nearby area to ensure it’s protected for work so that the machine operator can safely use the grinding machine with no potential dangers or safety hazards within the working vicinity. The machine operator will observe property, twigs, rocks, dirt, trash or any other hazards that should be cleared from the project area first before they begin working.
Safety is Always First 
Since stump grinders can be terribly dangerous and risky, safety gear must be worn consistently while the stump grinding operation is happening. Personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, cut resistant protective clothes and jeans, and solid work boots.
Before grinding, the tree specialist will remove anything lying around the work zone. For example, apparatuses, toys, and yard equipment. They may likewise manage grass and plants around the stump to help improve visibility for a safer removal set-up.
Digging tools to Remove Rock and Plants around the Base of the Stump 

The tree removal professionals will eliminate debris and sticks from around the base of the stump utilizing a digging tool. This is to ensure that the stones and sticks will not dull the grinder wheel to help maintain the machine to most efficiently remove the stumps. If the debris is not properly removed, it will harm the machine and worse, could danger the machine operator and anyone else that may be around the project area.
Additionally, to help improve the visibility of the stump, the operator may remove the grass and eliminate any plants around the stump.
Utilize a Chainsaw to Trim the Stump Close to the Ground and Speed up the Process
Next, they will utilize a cutting tool to chop down the stump as low and close to the ground as possible to reduce the measure of stump grinding required. Managing the stump in the manner is essential for greatly reducing the work for the stump grinder, which speeds up the stump removing process and keeps it simpler as well.
Utilize a Stump Grinder 
Finally, when everything is set in order to utilize the stump grinder, the tree removal expert will place the stump grinder to the stump, raise the grinder wheel a couple of inches over the stump, bring down the wheel’s sharp edge starting at the edge of the stump, and begin cutting into the stump on a low setting. They will move the wheel of the grinder side to side to cut into the wood. Also, they will reposition the wheel to completely breakdown segments of the stump.
Keep Using Stump Grinder until 4 Inches below surface
They will continue the above stump grinding strategy until they have ground the stump down 4 to 16 inches underneath the surface of the ground, and they have completely removed the whole stump and roots. After they have utilized the stump grinder for the job and moved it away from the stump zone, they will investigate the zone to ensure the stump is completely taken out.
Tidy Up 
When the stump grinding is finished, the specialist will tidy up the region. They will be digging tools and rake up additional wood chips that can be utilized as mulch. What’s more, they will push the earth and remaining wood chips once again into the opening left by the tree stump.
Load up with Soil 
Next, they will fill the zone with soil, pack it down, and delicately rake for an even surface.
Plant Seeds 
If you need to plant new grass on the tree stump zone, you can spread grass seeds over the dirt and water the seeds and soil to maintain your yard. On the other hand, you can also plant vegetable or other seeds, or cover the dirt with mulch until you’re prepared to plant other seedlings.

Stump removal service stump grinding service stump removal tinley park IL
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