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Stump Removal | Stump Grinding Service Tinley Park

At Tinley Park Tree Service, we are dedicated to bringing you safe and efficient stump removal service for your residential or commercial property. We will complete the job quickly, and the site will be cleaned to your satisfaction. We have shared some knowledge about stump grinding for our clients who may be curious about the process. Please continue to read below and call us anytime with any stump removal questions.

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Stump grinding transforms a tree stump into new mulch, utilizing a machine known as a stump grinder. Stump grinders differ in size, with smaller subs frequently running on gas and enormous ones running on diesel fuel. Stump grinders or cutters cut into tree stumps using wheels with carbide cutting tips. The more giant subs use wheels with as much as 76 carbide cutters to cut into gigantic tree stumps.


Stump grinding has a few advantages. It is excellent for keeping an undesirable tree from coming back, and stump grinding improves the aesthetics of your property or garden. It also opens up space in your yard for arranging porches and outside furniture that would be difficult or unusable with a stump in the way. Alongside opening yard space, stump grinding improves the well-being of your yard. Tree stumps are trip hazards and cause lawnmower difficulties. So if it is desired that you need a yard for youngsters to safely play in, for you to stroll around in without stubbing your toes, and to cut your grass without moving around a stump, it is a massive benefit for you to be grinding down that tree stump.


Stump grinding is risky work. Among the dangers of flying rocks, dirt, and wood chips when cutting out the stump, the metal cutting tips represent a genuine danger. Since these wheels are effectively excellent at cutting into thick, substantial tree stumps, we can also cut into the flesh. Important safety rules for stump grinding are to wear protective equipment, eliminate rocks and garbage around the stump before using the removal machine, and avoid the grinder wheel at all times, even when the stump grinder is off.


Our tree experts at Tinley Park Tree Service will go through the checklist below for a safe and secure stump grinding procedure:

Examine the Area

To begin, we assess the nearby area to ensure it’s protected for work so that the machine operator can safely use the grinding machine with no potential dangers or safety hazards within the working vicinity. Before we begin working, the machine operator will observe property, twigs, rocks, dirt, trash, or any other dangers that should be cleared from the project area.

Safety is Always First

Since stump grinders can be dangerous, safety gear must be worn consistently during the operation. Personal protective equipment includes goggles, gloves, cut-resistant protective clothes and jeans, and solid work boots. Before grinding, the tree specialist removes anything around the work zone—for example, apparatuses, toys, and yard equipment. We may likewise manage grass and plants around the stump to help improve visibility for a safer removal set-up.

Digging tools to Remove Rock and Plants around the Base of the Stump

Using a digging tool, the tree removal professionals will eliminate debris and sticks from around the stump’s base. This ensures that the stones and posts will not dull the grinder wheel to help maintain the machine to remove the stumps most efficiently. If the debris is not properly removed, it will harm the device and, worse, could endanger the machine operator and anyone else around the project area. Additionally, to help improve the visibility of the stump, the operator may remove the grass and eliminate any plants around the stump.

Utilize a Chainsaw to Trim the Stump Close to the Ground and Speed up THE PROCESS

Next, we will utilize a cutting tool to chop down the stump as low and close to the ground as possible to reduce the measure of stump grinding required. Managing the stump in this manner is essential for significantly reducing the work for the stump grinder, speeding up the stump removal process, and making it more straightforward.

Utilize a Stump Grinder

Finally, when everything is set to utilize the stump grinder, the tree removal expert will place the stump grinder on the stump, raise the grinder wheel a couple of inches over the stump, bring down the wheel’s sharp edge starting at the edge of the stump, and begin cutting into the stump on a low setting. We will move the rotation of the grinder side to side to cut into the wood. Also, we will reposition the wheel to break down segments of the stump completely.

Keep Using the Stump Grinder until it is 4 Inches below the surface.

We will continue the above stump grinding strategy until we have ground the stump down 4 to 16 inches underneath the ground surface and completely removed the whole stump and roots. After utilizing the stump grinder for the job and moving it away from the stump zone, we will investigate the site to ensure the stump is completely removed.

Tidy Up

The specialist will tidy up the region when the stump grinding is finished. We will be digging tools and raking up additional wood chips that can be utilized as mulch. Moreover, we will push the earth and remaining wood chips again into the opening left by the tree stump.

Load up with Soil

Next, we will fill the zone with soil, pack it down, and delicately rake for an even surface.

Plant Seeds

If you need to plant new grass on the tree stump zone, you can spread grass seeds over the dirt and water the roots and soil to maintain your yard. On the other hand, you can also plant vegetables or other sources or cover the ground with mulch until you’re prepared to plant other seedlings.

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Our crew is one of the most experienced at Tinley Park Tree Service, in Tinley Park. So naturally, we have a comprehensive set of the best equipment and a team of all-around professional servicemen that have profound knowledge about how to maintain the health of trees, safe practice of Tree removal, and heal disease and pest control that is hurting the trees with proper nutrition and treatment.

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It is our obligation to keep costs as low as workable for our customers in Tinley Park, IL. This is why we study the expense of tree service from our rivals, and we generally charge a fair rate where we are compensated for our quality work and the customer is happy about the cost of the job. Our goal is not to make as much money as possible from a single project but rather to be able to earn the trust of our customers and to be able to work with them in the future. We have long-term relationships in mind with our customers, and we hope to grow our business from your repeat business and referrals. That way, we are ok with taking a smaller margin as long as our clients are satisfied.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our whole staff is fully insured and licensed tree experts, as well as our jobs. If a company not authorized to work on your property gets hurt by an accident, you, as a homeowner, could become liable for the harm. This is why choosing a reputable Tinley Park Tree Service in Tinley Park is essential. You don't have anything to stress about if you work with us because we prioritize safety, and all that we do is insured and covered, and we have not had to deal with any claims during our profession.

Environmentally friendly and conscious

We are very knowledgeable about trees and how much they impact our lives and our environment, from giving pleasant shade to unwind in to purifying the air that we breathe, providing a home to numerous species of creatures, and being a significant factor in the beauty of your yard. We always talk with our customers to see if we can prevent tree removal by saving dying trees with disease control injections that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We want to help care for and maintain your trees with nutritional injections, pruning excess, and disease prevention.

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Tinley Park is situated at 41°34′26′′N 87°48′14′′W (41.573800, 87.803891) in the state of Illinois. Approximately 16.039 square miles is the entire land area of Tinley Park, according to the 2010 census. Four public elementary school districts serve the Tinley Park community, including the Kirby School District 140, the Community Consolidated School District 146, Summit Hill Elementary School District 161, and the Elementary School District 159. The majority of Tinley Park’s residents live inside the borders of Moraine Valley Community College’s residence halls and dormitories.

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